Rubaiya Saeed: Husband and Profile

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Rubaiya Saeed is the daughter of the former CM of Jammu and Kashmir Late Mufti Mohammed Saeed and the younger sister of PDP Supremo Mehbooba Saeed. She is currently living in Chennai with her family and stay away from the glare of media. She is quite humble and highly educated; however it is quite unfortunate that Rubiya is known just for a sad incident that had happened with her in 1989.

Kidnapping of Rubaiya Saeed

When the new government in Delhi took oath under the leadership of V P Singh in 1989, people were surprised to take note of one name. That was Mufti Mohammed Saeed. He was with Congress and had left the party to joined the Janta Dal because of Congress’ association with Farooq Abdullah. The surprise thing was not induction of Mufti Mohammed Saheb, but his portfolio. V P Singh had given him the Home Department, making him the first Muslim Home Minister of India.

However, that was a very short happiness among Muslims. Just five days after the oath, Rubiya Saeed, the youngest daughter of Mufti Mohammed Saeed was kidnapped.
Rubiya was a medical student and was returning through a local mini bus. Few terrorists forced the bus to stop and took away Rubiya on the gun point. Two hours later, the telephoned a senior journalist of Kashmir Times that they have kidnapped Rubaiya.

They were JKLF terrorist and wanted five of their hard core terrorists being released from jail.

Farooq Abdullah was the CM of Jammu and Kashmir at that time. Obviously, he was not having good terms with V P Singh government because of Mufti Mohammed. However, he was adamant that releasing terrorists may lead to more problems as they will only get encouragement to repeat these types of acts. Further, Farooq Abdullah thought that kidnapping a girl is not Islamic and terrorists will not harm Rubiya. There were also strong sentiments against this kidnapping in Valley which may make it quite tougher for terrorists to do anything bad to her.

However, the plan was something else in Delhi. It is said that Mufti forced V P Singh to make compromise. He was not ready to sacrifice his daughter for the sake of country. He wanted Rubiya back at any cost.

The government had to relent and five hard core terrorists were released. Just two hours later, Rubiya was also allowed to go home.

Husband of Rubaiya Saeed

Ever since, Rubaiya had become quite different person. She never wanted to live in Chennai. She persuaded her father to let her go out of Kashmir and live somewhere in India. She married Shaukath Sherif and settled in Chennai.

Shaukath is a small but successful businessman. He is running a car dealership in Chennai.

However, Rubaiya and her husband Shaukath are being provided security round the clock. You will be surprised to know that they are under police surveillance since last 25 years. Indian Government has always made it sure to provide complete security to Rubaiya. Many believe that the security provided to her is just a waste of public money. She has two sons and both are studying in Chennai. She has no plans to relocate in Jammu and Kashmir, even when her family is ruling the state.

Rubaiya has two sons. She was there with Mufti Saheb in the AIIMS when he died.

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